pelargonium guide & flowery photo album

Creamery - flower

hybridiser: Sam Peat
released 1970.
the parents of Creamery are P.quinquelobatum and Fantasia (white) and even though it's technically not a hybrid as Fantasia is not a species, it's considered one in most books.
it's supposed to be yellow... for a long time it's been one of the biggest ambitions for hybridisers to find a way to the yellow pelargonium. i say this one is cream coloured as the name implies ;-) and that's why i like it - if it was really yellow it wouldn't live here with me.
it grows in a twisted, intense way that makes it look as if it's protecting itself. some say you should propagate a new plant every second year to make sure it stays healthy and keep flowering. this summer (2009) mine will be more than 3 years old, it looks fine and yet i'm curious to see whether it'll flower or not.