pelargonium guide & flowery photo album

unknown purple beauty

picked this one up at a flower boutique... the colour is more bluish than my camera will allow... it's a peltatum and have vigorous growth... do you know it's name?
august 2nd; maybe it's PAC Tomcat? or Pelfi Black Magic? Woodstock?
here are some pix where the colour is more correct:


Elisabeth said...

Wonderfull pictures, i love pelargoniums.
Tar sjangsen på å skive på litt norsk også ;) Likte spesillt godt `Gemeni`. Det er en utrolig vakker stjerne.

kompoStella said...

thank You!!!
Gemini _is_ a favourite because of its beauty but i guess the name is also part of the fascoination for us ;-)

Sue Swift said...

I couldn't have helped you with the name, but like you I have problems photographing red flowers - they always come out glary.

kompoStella said...

i know, Sue, it's a never ending frustration :-(
and, yes, i have tried several cameras, even a professional, overly expensive one.
for this reason alone i might take a course in photography ;-)

Supernøtt said...

Den ligner veldig på Black magic, men jeg er ingen ekspert. Black magic har en helt spesielt tekstur på kronbladene som ligner på fløyel.