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a cotylodon, a Hort Log & P. cotylodonis

here's what the very kind blogger over at Hort Log had to say when i asked about the cotylodon:

here's my reply to yr question, in case u did not catch it:
All seed plants consists of an embryo and 1 or 2 cotyledons. Cotyledons store food for the seedings to sprout before it can make food from the sun e.g. as roots develop before the aerial shoots, it need some energy to break through the seed coat and penetrate the soil. Usually, cotyledon can also function as the first leaf/leaves of the seed and hence play a part in the early photosynthesis process. By looking at the first leaf / leaves of the seed, you can determine if the plant belongs to what botanists call Monocot (1 first leaf) or Dicot (2 first leaves).
Coming back to this plant - its a Dicot (as in all African Violets) but instead of developing both paired leaves one of them became suppressed. This type of growth pattern appears to be quite common amongst members of this family - I had previously shown a Chirita in this blog and elsewhere, there's also Strepcocarpus from Africa.
Have fun !"

the reason i asked - apart from a nice & weird photo of the cotylodon - was that my Latin is not that good and i'm curious about the name of my friend P. cotylodonis
now all i need is to figure out the connection... perhaps it has something to do with the amazing ability P. cotylodonis has to store up energy while it is dormant... hmm.
THANK YOU, Hort Log!!!