pelargonium guide & flowery photo album

shelter from the rain

i went to visit two very creative people who lives in a sweet old house with a magnificent view.

the garden shows respect for the surrounding nature by the selection of plants -

they give the illusion to belong there naturally.

all around the garden there are great spots to simply enjoy.

or, if necessary as on the day of my visit, to take shelter from the rain.

the best part of this garden, however,
is the pavillion:

strategically placed at the highest point in the garden, this pavilion claims to have the capacity for 24 seated spectators. they may eat, read (notice the hidden books?), sing, drink (notice the bottle opener below!) or whatever their heart desire, yet will always be spectators to a stunning view.

yes, the view...


中島 彰信 said...

very nice plase そして beautiful picture

kompoStella said...

yes, a nice place indeed!
... and thank you!

Hort Log said... dream home.

Hermes said...

Wonderful pictures, and I love your Pelargonium. Greetings from the UK.

kompoStella said...

hort log - yes, the thought crossed my mind too...

Hermes - thank you ever so much!