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Stellar Lilac Bicolor - flower


Aki said...

Is this flower also a geranium? I see as a different flower.

kompoStella said...

hey Aki,
yes and no, is the short answer ;-)
although Geranium is the common name for both genera of Geranium, Erodium, and Pelargonium, the flowers i'm concerned with is only the Pelargonium. and the flower depicted here is a cultivar pelargonium of the stellar type.

stellar pelargoniums have the characteristics of sharply lobed leaves, pointed flowers and most often wider bottom petals.

if you have a look at my list under type: Stellars, you'll see the resemblance.

kompoStella said...

... and it is almost impossible to recognise pelargoniums by their look off hand, as there are more than 200 species in wildly different shapes and over 3000 cultivars!
... hm, i better write a post about this one fine day ;-)