pelargonium guide & flowery photo album

P. tongaense - flower

i am so relieved that i got the picture taken in time - only one flower left!
pretty, no?


Hermes said...

Pretty - yes.
So delicate and I like these reds.

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Pretty - YES!
The corallipstick red of the the single flower against the simple buff coloured background is like a beautiful art piece. It truly is like a work of art - it stopped me in my tracks.
I love coming across little masterpieces like that.

Thank you!

kompoStella said...

hermes - i too like the reds, especially the coral ones like this one and the deep, dark reds like my Garnet Rosebud that is still blooming.

west coast island gardener - i don't know how to thank you for that compliment... i am getting more into photography every day and it is making me see in new ways. whenever i've seen something with my 'new eyes' and taken a picture that is perhaps not a "normal" flower picture, i hesitate before posting it. so you compliment was very reassuring and put a big grin on my face... and it kept coming back all day!

kompoStella said...

... and to both of you: i don't know if it's a problem in blogger at the moment but i can't seem to comment on either of your blogs. have the same problem at a handful of other blogs...??? seems like the comment format is different and sometimes nothing will show...? and no, it's not firefox, i have tried in explorer too.

Sue Swift said...

Hi Stella,
Thanks for the link you left on my blog. The picture was awesome.
Have just seen on your profile that we share a love of the Alexandria Quartet - hooray, you're the first person I've ever found who appreciates it. Shame that much of his other writing was so pretentious. I understand what he was trying to do, but it didn't work ...

kompoStella said...

i'll shout hooray with you!!! it is a special joy to share love of novels; they can touch the heart of some of us in profound ways. and to share the love of The Alexandria Quartet is indeed cause for celebration as way, way, WAY to few people are familiar with the absolute mastery of narration in that brilliant piece. also, i agree with you on the rest of his oeuvre - i do like The Black Book but yes, all is very pretentious.