pelargonium guide & flowery photo album


this blog is now in winter hibernation.
as i'm looking for a new home for me & the pellies and nothing much happen to them in winter anyway, we'll focus elsewhere.
if i feel like writing here, i'll put more information on the old posts about the different species & cultivars that i have. meanwhile, i'll still be posting on my other blog.
until spring comes around to grace us again: enjoy!


Hermes said...

Have a good winter. Its very cold here in Wiltshire so I think hibernation sounds like a good idea.

Hort Log said...

Thanks for your seeds. In a couple of days, I will be away for a few weeks, will contact you again.

Have a good Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have just found your blog and really enjoyed looking at your pelargoniums, I have a large collection of scented leaf, species and species hybrids. Just glad I am not the only addict! I have Deerwood lavender lad and your photo looks just like mine a rich purple flower. Deerwood lavender lass had a paler pinkish flower. Both introduced by Faye Brawner. Best Regards

kompoStella said...

hullo Anonymous!
thanks you for your comment - i know exactly what you mean; it's always a relief to fin fellow freaks :-)
and thank your for the info on the Deerwood Lavender series, it's been a bit of a mystery to me and photographs of plant can sometimes make matters worse as the colours, hues, shades are so hard to pin point.
hope you'll stop by again!