pelargonium guide & flowery photo album

a new beginning

as we wave goodbye to winter, spring has already moved into my pots. all the pelargoniums have new soil, some of them new pots and most of them are already putting on new, green finery. the new leaves are the most clear and soft green and i love to watch as they slowly unfold.
some of the plants had stretched so far for the light over the winter that they needed a good trim and i took some snap shots in order to write a little "how to" on growing cuttings.
now it's all about enjoying the light, soak it all in and get ready. for in no time, we will be back to this:


Elisabeth said...

Det er jo så deilig når man kan starte opp sesongen igjen. Jord under neglene, og med drømmer om en flott blomstrende sommer foran seg. Herlig bilde!

kompoStella said...

hei Elisabeth!
ja, det er supert og drømmene er der masser af ;-)
- tak :-D