pelargonium guide & flowery photo album

plants all over and not a flower in sight

so we'll have to make do with this painting while we wait for the buds to arrive. at least it's got a pelargonium in it ;-)
while i've been waiting away, this blog has turned a magic corner; the number 1000. more than one thousand visits from all over the world! i mostly blog for my own sake and yet i think it's great that you all stop by - thanks. especially on this blog, where i am trying to compile helpful tips and information. sitemeter shows me what people came looking for and i get really excited when people come here looking for some info that is actually here. and i have a long list now of information that is not, for future posts of pelargonia madness :-D
visitor # 1000 came here via google looking for info on "pelargonium soft cuttings" - i think this person would have had any questions on that subject answered by previous posts but still; if any of you have any questions, fire away and i'll do my best to answer them.
i'll be back soon - hopefully with pictures of blooming pellies.